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Lamb loin chops; panzanella with eggplant; exploding beer bottle – 23 September 2017

OK, so this set out to be a great dinner and it was, and then the beer (actually, cider) bottle explosion definitely made it a memorable evening. I wanted to make the eggplant panzanella from Weber’s Big Book of Grilling … Continue reading

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“Pacific Island Skirt Steak”; grilled zucchini; potatoes with parsley and butter – 22 November 2014

I suggested we remove a partial skirt steak from the freezer that I had seen on a previous foray into the lower bin, and use it for dinner tonight. Turned out to be only from this August, probably when our … Continue reading

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Swordfish; avocado/orange salad; rice; baby bok choi – 25 May 2013

I’ve been wanting to make this recipe again, and finally found a good time to do it. It was less good than previously, probably b/c the orange and the avocados I used were a bit odd. It was still very … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with haricots and olive tapenade – 27 May 2012

Since we had Gaeta olives, which are the best for tapenade, D proposed a few days ago that he make this pasta, which is from Chez Panisse Pasta Pizza and Calzone. The tapenade has olives, olive oil, anchovy fillet, garlic, … Continue reading

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Grilled Butcher’s steak with garlic and rosemary; risotto, green beans with mushrooms and sesame seeds – 3 February 2012

D went to Berkeley Bowl on his way home and bought a Butcher’s steak (“cheaper than flatiron”) and some Blue Lake green beans in a discount bag for 99 cents, and, adding a risotto, made this into a Christmas dinner … Continue reading

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Piperade braised beans with baked eggs; salad with avocado – 2 January 2012

My brother B gave me a wonderful cookbook for Christmas and I cooked two recipes out of it so far. The first was for lunch yesterday, with a variant today (below) and the second was for dinner tonight. The cookbook … Continue reading

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Pomegranate Khoresh and chard for New Year’s day dinner; also a terrific lunch – 1 January 2012

Well, I said this year I would not worry about sticking to a strict format, and also would not worry about sticking strictly to dinner. Good thing, since lunch was really delicious and interesting. I’ll get to that below dinner, … Continue reading

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