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Omelette with chives, and a Grocery Outlet wine tasting – 21 March 2011

D was late anyway, and called to say he was going to Grocery Outlet to pick up an Eric Stauffenegger wine that R had found there yesterday. It was a white Burgundy, so D thought he’d make an omelette to … Continue reading

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Soppressatta and cheese sandwich on defrosted herb slab; misc fruit – 16 March 2011

I forgot to take a picture of this dinner, but in truth, I’m not sure I would have been able to in any case. It was Movie Night in our department, and I was eating in the dark. I had … Continue reading

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Sirloin of beef with mushrooms, marble potatoes, and tangerines – 11 March 2011

This was a punt by D. He had to pick up something or other at the Bowl, and didn’t have any ideas for dinner, so he decided to buy some beef and work around that. He cut the beef into … Continue reading

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Bread, cheese, and apples at Summitt – 3 March 2011

Well, this was not what we’d planned. But R suddenly had to have surgery at 6pm (we assumed they’d say “ok, tomorrow morning”), so D and I had dinner in the family room at Summitt, a very nice room in … Continue reading

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Personal Pizza Margherita; broccoli; tangerines – 28 February 2011

I had not had much luck with Pizza Margherita following the recipes I found online, even the one from Epicurious. I had tried D’s suggestion of adding oregano – which is growing enthusiastically in the garden – to the sauce, … Continue reading

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