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Spaghetti with ancient turkey, onions, broccoli, sage, and thyme – 11 June 2015

We thought about using the frozen leftover grilled chicken for a salad or pasta, but when I looked, I could not find the chicken. The blog suggests it was eaten in a sandwich and subsequent pasta back in May. D … Continue reading

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Soup with turkey, potatoes, and snap peas; tomatoes; Welsh cheddar – 3 December 2013

D used up two peanut butter jars of turkey stock on a very nice soup. He sauteed onions and garlic, added the stock and chunked potatoes, and leftover turkey. He boiled for 15 minutes, then added sugar snap peas, which … Continue reading

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27 December 2010 – Turkey pot pie with sage biscuit topping; salad

This is a favorite of ours for turkey leftovers. Fortunately we had three cooks, and D had stripped the turkey carcass and made stock the day before. Someday I will look up which book this is from (it’s chicken in … Continue reading

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26 December 2010 – Turkey over mashed potatoes and bread, with gravy; fresh broccoli; cole slaw

Classic leftovers – excellent slices of turkey still available – heated in a pan with I think butter, placed over fresh mashed potatoes, that over bread (sourdough from Safeway) all topped with the remaining gravy, thinned with a bit of … Continue reading

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25 December 2010 – Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and green beans with almonds

What else for Christmas dinner but turkey? We cooked the turkey with maple glaze for Mom and brother, and they seemed to enjoy it. Mom cooked mashed potatoes and refrigerator rolls, and I did the Pepperidge Farm stuffing she wanted … Continue reading

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18 December 2010 – defrosted turkey bits with “gravy” over leftover pilaf; baby some choi cooked in olive oil; leftover roasted tomato and garlic clove

Unusual dinner for a Saturday, but quite tasty and fun. D defrosted a vat of small turkey pieces and reheated them along with the rest of the pilaf. He also cooked up some brown mushrooms to go with the turkey. … Continue reading

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26 November 2010 – Overheated leftovers with Christmas wine

We did a straight rerun of Thanksgiving, with the leftovers unfortunately a bit overcooked. Nevertheless had a Christmas wine with dinner. The wine was an excellent Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. I’m afraid I paid more attention to this when sipping before the … Continue reading

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25 November 2010 – Turkey with gravy and five side dishes

We mined Gourmet again for Thanksgiving dinner. We’ve had some really spectacular Gourmet feasts in the past, and wanted to try a different menu this time. This one ranged from superb to so-so – all good, of course, but some … Continue reading

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23 March 2010 – Hot turkey sandwiches over leftover refrigerator rolls

Mom defrosted turkey chunks – from some past holiday I assume – and heated them in jarred turkey gravy, served the whole thing over fresh mashed potatoes and retoasted (in the oven) Pillsbury refrigerator rolls from last night. It was … Continue reading

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