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Spaghetti with tomato-basil sauce; broccoli – 8 December 2012

D cooked since I was busy packing for a trip. He used up a pack of basil that I had bought for the Margherita pizza, and the rest of the lovely broccoli from (I think) Kaki farm, at the Tuesday … Continue reading

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Beef stew; baby bok choy – 3 December 2012

Knowing I’d be at work late, I planned to have leftover beef stew tonight. Which was a good idea. I heated up the stash I’d made for the occasion. I bought five baby bok bhoy heads at the Bowl on … Continue reading

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Pizza margherita – 2 December 2012

Knew we were running out of bread at lunch, so I planned a pizza margherita, though knowing I’d have to go out to buy the fresh mozzarella (at The Pasta Shop on Fourth St this time) and also make the … Continue reading

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Fettucine with cannellini and arugula; caprese – 14 August 2012

Another in a series of meals designed to use up a pound of arugula! The Pasta Bible has a cannellini and arugula pasta, and this is largely but not completely based on that. It was ok but not great, which … Continue reading

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Grilled zucchini, eggplant, and red pepper in individual marinades; fresh mozzarella; refried rice – 18 June 2012

The other day I ran across this recipe in my recipe notebook, with a notation “Outstanding”, from 28 July 2011. I bought two small-medium zucchini, a rather fat Japanese eggplant, and a good sized “Holland” red pepper at the Bowl … Continue reading

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Grilled chicken thighs; Brussels sprouts; rice – 18 January 2012

D defrosted a packet of four chicken thighs from Costco – wondering as he did why we got those with bones and skin (in a rush, first ones we found, didn’t look closely). He grilled these, salted and peppered, “for … Continue reading

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