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Pizza with Italian sausage, tomato sauce, arugula, and cheeses; orange, olive, and onion salad – 9 December 2017

I intended to make a pizza I first made in 2012, based on an epicurious recipe – just tomato sauce, mixed, grated fontina Valle d’Aosta and Pecorino Romano cheeses, and arugula tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette over the top. But. … Continue reading

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Simple pizza with Wells sauce, cheeses, and arugula – 27 June 2014

We’re in major housecleaning mode, and out of bread, and also had a small hunk (about 2 oz?) of Fontina Valle d’Aosta to use up. D suggested I use my frozen half-dough to make this simple pizza, which he bloggled … Continue reading

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Pizza Americano – 3 March 2014

I really enjoyed this personal pizza 🙂 I defrosted the last of the mini-crusts this morning, and moved the container from the fridge to the counter when I got home early about 5pm. I later floated the container in warm … Continue reading

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Chevre with tomato sauce, herbs, and olives; broccoli – 18 November 2013

I knew I would be late getting home, so I planned this meal. It also was based on the fact that I opened a 1-lb vat of Laura Chenel chevre from Costco for my pizza Saturday. This is a recipe … Continue reading

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16 August 2010 – Goat cheese with tomato sauce and olives; pea pods

I was looking for something to honor fresh bread, that would also be quick to prepare. I had opened an 11-oz package of Laura Chenel goat cheese (impossibly cheap at Costco) and that needed to be used up before it … Continue reading

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11 May 2010 – Insta-pizza with Wells sauce and pesto

We were running out of bread, and it was getting rather dry anyway, so this potential pasta sauce turned into an insta-pizza instead. The “insta-pizza” uses a quick-crust recipe, half whole wheat, from Patricia Wells’ 2008-ish cookbook “Vegetables at the … Continue reading

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3 April 2010 – Pizza Margherita

Catchup – written on the 13th. This is such a simple pizza to make, I really should do it more often. OTOH, fresh mozzarella (usually mozzarella di bufalo, though not this time) is not exactly cheap… I decided to do … Continue reading

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25 Jaunary 2010 – pasta with Wells sauce and pesto, avocado salad

Well, I was thinking about doing this pasta, but there was no decision to be made, by the time I got home after losing (sorta) my keys outside Trader Joe’s. Found them, but by then I was pretty late and … Continue reading

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6 January 2010 – Pasta with Wells Sauce and Pesto

Went to the freezer tonight. This is pretty ridiculous, since I was actually home all day. I planned on making bean stroganoff, from Diet from a Small Planet, but the soybeans were a bit strange and I am going to … Continue reading

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