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Tilapia; piperade; brown rice – 8 December 2017

D really wanted to try the piperade alongside a fish. I went to the Bowl and texted him some options, and he selected tilapia. No bones! That’s a big plus for me. The smallish fillet I got was maybe half … Continue reading

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Lamb Merlot; semolina with bay; asparagus with aioli – 8 May 2017

We had this odd non-cut of a lamb leg in the freezer, left over from some previous lamb dinner (with R&E) when the requested cut was made in the wrong place. Instead of getting a shortened bone-in leg of lamb … Continue reading

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Skoodgeled hamburger with onions; mashed potatoes; broccoli – 2 December 2016

D had used about 1/2 pack (1/4 lb) of a frozen hamburger aliquot while I was gone, so the rest needed using. D suggested mashing some potatoes, so I did that (Yukon Golds, all we normally have, though I think … Continue reading

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Shrimp and tomato crostini – 27 Oct 2016

Hm. I made this ages ago – it was published in 1993, but I’m sure I’ve made it since – and remembered it as being really sumptuous, but I didn’t find it so tonight. Pretty, though 🙂 I bought a … Continue reading

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Random leftovers for everybody after a visit to the National Christmas Tree – 1 January 2016

Not an auspicious beginning to the Year in Food, but we took Mom to see the National Christmas Tree, and on the way home through the LDS light extravaganza, which was worth the having of leftovers at 8:30 when we … Continue reading

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Beef stew with added peas – 14 December 2015

I texted D at about 6:30 wondering if he had ideas for dinner. He just said maybe beef stew again, so I reminded him of his idea of adding peas. He said yeah, and headed out for a new loaf … Continue reading

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Pizza with chard and goat cheese – 29 July 2014

Oh, the trials of having to use up an opened log of Laura Chenel (from Costco) goat cheese 😉 This is a favorite pizza of mine, and D really likes it, too. Even people who don’t like chard like it. … Continue reading

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Geatest finger-food party ever – 12 December 2013

Every year we are invited to this wonderful party at a local firm. They have such great food, and it is always fun to visit their offices and see what they’ve been working on, and meet their other friends, colleagues, … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with tomato sauce with sausage; kale – 16 April 2013

Addpix I realized this morning that I had not frozen the last Italian sausage from Christopher Lee, so I decided just to cook it tonight. I ran through a bunch of options, but at D’s suggestion, I ended up skinning … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with Calabrian sausage, mushrooms, and Brussels sprouts – 4 March 2013

This meal used up the last of Christopher Lee’s Calabrian sausage. D cooked the half sausage, broken up, and I think then cooked the mushrooms in the sausage fat. He undoubtedly boiled the Brussels sprouts and then recooked them in … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with tomato sauce; brie with herbs; fresh tomatoes – 13 September 2012

Two sources of dinner came together tonight. R finished cleaning out his old apartment last night and celebrated with a good beer, Dirty Girl Produce dry-farmed early girls, and some Fromager d’Affinois herbed brie. He left the rest of the … Continue reading

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Linguine with grilled radicchio and endive, toasted walnuts, and vinaigrette with Roquefort – 14 July 2012

I don’t remember why I decided on this pasta, but it’s an old favorite and was very enjoyable. It’s from Weber’s Art of the Grill, a perfectly fantastic recipe book, and remarkably, is totally veggie. You grill halved endive and … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with tomato-mushroom sauce; avocado salad – 11 July 2012

Our friend M was arriving but we didn’t know when, since he had an 11 hour drive. I had an idea what to make, but forgot his aversion to Roquefort, so we had to come up with another idea. D … Continue reading

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Hamburgers; potato salad with tarragon; frozen broccoli – 4 July 2012

It’s America’s birthday so what could we have but hamburgers? D bought Semifreddi ciabatta rolls at the Bowl yesterday and popped them into the freezer. We took them out this morning to defrost; I cut them horizontally to make hamburger … Continue reading

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Burrito alpastor at the West Berkeley candidates’ party – 27 June 2012

Tonight was a party at Urban Ore in support of the fight of West Berkeley residents and businesses against the big developers and the city officials who are rolling out the red carpet for them. The Tacos El Rey taco … Continue reading

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Pappardelle with radicchio and bacon; braised spinach – 20 June 2012

I ran across this pasta recipe when in search of the grilled veggie recipe, and decided to make it since we had some leftover bacon from Sunday lunch. The recipe is almost entirely from Saveur, but here is how I … Continue reading

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Grilled boneless short ribs (?!); eggplant caponata; Thai jasmine rice – 16 June 2012

Wanted to do something special for Saturday night dinner… also had smelled all this grilling going on around the neighborhood… so I looked in one of my Weber books for something to do with beef. Anticipating this, I had bought … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with Sorrento sauce; pear salad – 10 June 2012

We went to Grocery Outlet about lunchtime, and came across some wines from Brutocao – a Zin and a Cab, both 2008  – and decided to try one of each. D suggested making a pasta tonight to try out the … Continue reading

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Made-up-on-the-spot pasta; salad with avocado – 15 August 2011

D took over cooking after his show ended yesterday, and he is great at dealing with an overloaded fridge and making good food come out of it. He was going to do his signature pasta of mushrooms, pinenuts, and parsley … Continue reading

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Hamburgers and fried potatoes for the Fourth of July – 4 July 2011

We go all-American on the 4th of July. Though today I decided we should make that either “the foods our grandparents brought from the old country” or “foods of people who make up America.” R pointed out that the latter … Continue reading

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Hamburger; tarragon potato salad; zucchini with tomato and onion; pickle – 16 June 2011

A simple and yummy meal – well, simple, but it still took an hour to make! I moved a half-pound of hamburger from freezer to fridge a couple of days ago to defrost, and today mixed it with minced yellow … Continue reading

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Dinner for nine: Braised pork with mushrooms; mashed potatoes; sugar snap peas with mint; Peach and raspberry pie; nectarine sorbet with blueberries – 4 June 2011

This was a remarkable meal, cooked principally by the two under-40s (one under-30) with the over-50s (mostly over-60s) providing cooking support, table setting, and assorted wine-drinking assistance. M&N’s daughter S proposed a braised pork recipe for our planned dinner together, … Continue reading

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22 October 2010 – Spaghetti with Gaeta olive tapenade and haricots; salad with wondrous tomatoes

D was cooking for this Friday night dinner. This is one of his staples – a really marvelous pasta he found in one of the earliest Chez Panisse cookbooks – Pasta, Pizza and Calzone. He uses a mortar and pestle … Continue reading

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16 September 2010 – Random leftover items make a yummy dinner.

D noticed that he had forgotten to cook the corn he just bought for lunch, so we had that for dinner. He took out some of the Oaxacan mozzarella-like cheese I used for my chard pizza on Labor Day, and … Continue reading

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20 August 2010 – Spaghetti with tomato sauce; haricots and mushrooms

D made up a tomato sauce using canned tomatoes and canned tomato paste, with 1/2 pound of hamburger, plus a patty of the Toulouse sausages we (home-)made on the 19th of June. The patty was from what was left in … Continue reading

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