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Made-up-on-the-spot pasta; salad with avocado – 15 August 2011

D took over cooking after his show ended yesterday, and he is great at dealing with an overloaded fridge and making good food come out of it. He was going to do his signature pasta of mushrooms, pinenuts, and parsley … Continue reading

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Hamburgers and fried potatoes for the Fourth of July – 4 July 2011

We go all-American on the 4th of July. Though today I decided we should make that either “the foods our grandparents brought from the old country” or “foods of people who make up America.” R pointed out that the latter … Continue reading

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Hamburger; tarragon potato salad; zucchini with tomato and onion; pickle – 16 June 2011

A simple and yummy meal – well, simple, but it still took an hour to make! I moved a half-pound of hamburger from freezer to fridge a couple of days ago to defrost, and today mixed it with minced yellow … Continue reading

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Dinner for nine: Braised pork with mushrooms; mashed potatoes; sugar snap peas with mint; Peach and raspberry pie; nectarine sorbet with blueberries – 4 June 2011

This was a remarkable meal, cooked principally by the two under-40s (one under-30) with the over-50s (mostly over-60s) providing cooking support, table setting, and assorted wine-drinking assistance. M&N’s daughter S proposed a braised pork recipe for our planned dinner together, … Continue reading

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22 October 2010 – Spaghetti with Gaeta olive tapenade and haricots; salad with wondrous tomatoes

D was cooking for this Friday night dinner. This is one of his staples – a really marvelous pasta he found in one of the earliest Chez Panisse cookbooks – Pasta, Pizza and Calzone. He uses a mortar and pestle … Continue reading

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16 September 2010 – Random leftover items make a yummy dinner.

D noticed that he had forgotten to cook the corn he just bought for lunch, so we had that for dinner. He took out some of the Oaxacan mozzarella-like cheese I used for my chard pizza on Labor Day, and … Continue reading

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20 August 2010 – Spaghetti with tomato sauce; haricots and mushrooms

D made up a tomato sauce using canned tomatoes and canned tomato paste, with 1/2 pound of hamburger, plus a patty of the Toulouse sausages we (home-)made on the 19th of June. The patty was from what was left in … Continue reading

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14 March 2010 – Spaghetti with tomato sauce; chard

D re-ran the tomato sauce for spaghetti that he made a few nights ago. He added some herbs and mushrooms again. He made chard on the side – I think boiled briefly, and served with salt and pepper. The pepper … Continue reading

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15 January 2010 – Pizza with grilled eggplant, red pepper, and feta

Why don’t we mention the mozzarella when we talk about pizza ingredients? It is SO taken for granted. I managed to nibble at the grated mozz sitting on my cutting board, as I waited for D to get home so … Continue reading

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