Pancakes with butter for dinner and olollieberry jam for dessert; bacon; Brussels sprouts – 28 September 2011

D is still using up the leftovers M&N brought us on their way back to the airport from their Pt. Reyes vacation. We ate in the sunroom with the center windows wide open, it being one of the hottest days we’ve had in quite awhile.

D used up M&N’s milk with their pancake mix, and made quite a large pile of pancakes for dinner (adding an egg once he decided it was needed). He cooked the pancakes in bacon fat, produced by cooking up the last of their bacon. He also boiled up some Brussels sprouts he had bought previously, and then I think tossed or cooked them in some bacon fat (I’ll have to check on this).

The “dinner” pancakes were spread with some butter. When we were done with those, we spread another with M&N’s olollieberry jam for dessert. This was delicious. The jam comes from the Bowl, so is nice to know about.

We had two leftover wines with this meal – red with the “dinner” portion, and the Sauvignon Blanc from last night with the “dessert” portion (it went remarkably well!) The wine pic I didn’t brighten.

It’s a better representation of the real lighting and I like it this way.

{Written the 28th, edited and posted the 1st}

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