Polenta with greens and red peppers; salad with avocados and olives – 21 December 2013

This is a fantastic recipe (one of many) from Georgeanne Brennan’s Potager. It makes great leftovers, too (see tomorrow’s lunch!)

main131221You make polenta (salted water:polenta = 6:1), stirring frequently over about 40 minutes. You are supposed to add grated white cheddar right after cooking, but I forgot. Interestingly, D thinks he actually forgot to buy the cheddar, so I get to share the blame a little đŸ˜‰ Separately, you cook a bunch of cleaned chard and another bunch of cleaned… something (escarole?) I used mustard greens this time…, with minced garlic and thin sliced red, orange, and/or yellow peppers (two normal – I used three small). You cook the peppers with a minced clove of garlic in oil for 2ish minutes, then add the cleaned, spun, and air-dried (not completely) greens…

131221-prep1This is my 12″ Revere ware fying pan – I should have used the square-sided chicken fryer (in which we do not fry chicken) instead.

131221-prep2Stir while the greens wilt, then cover and let steam for awhile – this takes at least ten minutes, possibly longer. Heat the plates.

131221-settingI also made my favorite salad: romaine, avocado, olives (Nicoise this time, as is most often the case). I used avocado oil I got at Costco, and it was good though not exciting, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

bread131221-MorellsWanting to avoid the Bowl if at all possible on the Saturday before Christmas [eventually it wasn’t, but I didn’t know that yet], I resolved to buy bread at the Farmers’ Market when I went there for our Blue Bottle coffee beans. wine131221I would otherwise have turned away at the price ($5.50!) but I went ahead and bought a loaf of Morell’s Country Batard (I’m pretty sure that is the name, from the ones on their site). It is a delicious bread, and makes especially good toast – still good as I add this two days later.

D chose a Chateau Liversan, but it was corked so he went back down and got a 2008 Villa Antinori (from Costco), which was great with dinner.

One mustard leaf!

One mustard leaf!

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