Country sage sausage; tomato panzanella; shishitos – 18 October 2018

I wanted to make this panzanella again, partly b/c it was delicious, and partly b/c I have to write a “leftover bread” post for my favorite not-mine blog two days from now. We more or less used this recipe from, as we did on the 6th of October (first use).

For this version, I stemmed and cut into about 16 pieces 8 small Dirty Girl Produce dry0farmed early girl tomatoes from two days ago at the Tuesday market. These totalled just over 9 oz, so roughly 1/4 of the recipe. I sprinkled 1/3 tsp salt over them in a colander and tossed a bit, then left them to sit over a bowl, to collect the tomato juice. D chopped bread from our dried collection – maybe 2 cups or so? This is what it looked like. I picked a couple dozen small (not tiny) basil leaves and cleaned them up. D made the dressing by adding about 3 Tbsp (4?) olive oil, possibly 1 Tbsp red wine vinegar, 1 tsp Dijon mustard, about 1 inch of a large shallot, sliced and chopped, and one large clove of garlic, chopped. Mixing basil, chopped bread, tomatoes, and basil in a large bowl, tossing till all the bread got doused with dressing. It is supposed to sit 30 minutes in the dressing, but it didn’t, and we liked that the bread was still resistant to biting, though not hard. It was a delicious salad! (again)

Here’s a version that refers back to seriouseats, but shows some sliced avocado on top of the salad -looks great!

D suggested we have this with a sausage, and I dug up two Country Sage sausages from Riverdog in the freezer. D cooked them for a long time in olive oil in the medium cast iron pan. Good.

We have a lot of shishitos, so we decided to have them with every meal. D cooked them as usual in olive oil with salt and pepper.

D chose a favorite wine, Domaine d’Albas, a Minervois (2014) – Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre. I didn’t think it was the best bottle we’ve had, but I also had a zinc tablet before dinner so it might be my taste buds.



I suggested we have another chunk of the frozen Acme foccacia, used as a sandwich. I was thinking of a pressed sandwich with some melty cheese, and perhaps a pile of well-cooked onions. Tomatoes? But D was not excited about another pressed sandwich, and wanted a standard (for us) cheese sandwich with a bit of onion, tomatoes, and cucumber slices in lieu of lettuce. I said ok, I’ll toast the foccacia (split horizontally) to defrost and warm the middle, and use it as bread. OK. So, I used the Chandoka cheese I bought at the Berkeley Bowl tasting the other day, (sliced thin, not planed though it was really thin) a mediumish tomato, sliced (too big: we ate some chunks of it before lunch), and several slices of a farmers’ market cuke. Mayonnaise. It was really good, but I think the two previous incarnations of the foccacia played up its deliciousness much better. Shishitos. Always.

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